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Domicilio / Home Care

Este serviço destina-se apenas para pessoas com DOR CRÓNICA MÚSCULO-ESQUELÉTICA.  

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Desporto / Sports

Vasta experiência no tratamento e recuperação de lesões desportivas:

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Terapia de diagnóstico e tratamento para problemas no sistema neuro-músculo-esquelético...

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Dr. Steve Leeson

Investigador / Researcher

Faculty of Human Kinetics – University of Lisbon, Biomechanics and Functional Morphology Laboratory – Neuromechanics of Human Movement Research Group. http://neuromechanics.fmh.ulisboa.pt/people/graduated-students Publications: Moita, J., Nunes, A., Esteves, J., Oliveira, R., Xarez, L., (2017) The relationship between muscular strength and dance injuries: a systematic review. Medical Problems of Performing Artists, 32;40. –  Nunes A., Moita J., […]

Dr. Steve Leeson

Docente / Lecturer

– 2017 – Coordenador e Docente da Licenciatura em Osteopatia na Escola Superior Saúde Jean Piaget Algarve – 2017 – Docente na Licenciatura em Osteopatia na Escola Superior Saúde Universidade Atlântica – Desde 2015 – Docente em Cursos de Osteopatia no Estrangeiro – 2011-2016 – Docente no Instituto Técnicas de Saúde (ITS) – 2013-2014 – […]

Dr. Steve Leeson

Osteopata / Osteopath

– Desde 2015 – Doutorando na Faculdade de Motricidade Humana – Universidade de Lisboa em Reabilitação – Desde 2013 – Cursos no Instituto Barral –  VM1, VM2, NM1, NM3, MAUE, MALE – Cédula Profissional de Osteopatia n.º C-100057 e registrado no General Osteopathic Council n.º 7110 – 2008 – 2012 – Mestrado em Cuidados de […]

  • "I would like to say thank you. I am feeling so much better and waking up in the morning without pain for the first time since 3 weeks was really a good moment.
    So: Thank you!"

    Anna Selter

  • Top class service from Alex and he has made a massive difference to my backs well being over the last year.

    Julian Ross

  • "I have been back in the UK for two weeks now and have been doing my Pilates classes twice a week. I am very happy to say you have made a great difference to my hip problem, and it is not hurting me any more, so Thank you"

    Rita McKinlay

  • Alexandre, olá! Muito obrigado. My back pain is gone!!! I'm much better than yesterday!!! Sometimes I feel like a little tension in my back but is so much better!!!! i'm sad that you are not living in Luxembourg.... I wish you a very happy nem year 2019!!